February 2024

„We not only sponsored a comfortable tennis tournament, but also actively participated in it.“

December 2023

„Construction on the premises of the company BROSE (on which we carried out Technical supervision of the investor) successfully approved.“

August 2023


June 2023

„We support children's sports.“

June 2023

„Our current billboard“

April 2023

„A fire tank can also look like this.“

April 2023


February 2023

„Logistics center PTÁČEK Petrovany“

February 2023

„IKEA INDUSTRY MALACKY, extension designed and permitted by us, legally under construction.“

November 2022

„Action where we provide Project and Engineering activities.“

August 2022

„Another example of how an idea becomes a reality."

June 2022

„We are looking forward to the summer.“

June 2022

„We are approving the construction.“

March 2022

„Roofed and clad building.“

March 2022

„Visualization of what the building will look like in summer.“

December 2021

„Current photo from the construction."

November 2021

„The load-bearing system of the building is growing."

October 2021

„We are starting another construction permitted by us, this time in Petrovany."

June 2021

„Summer 2021"

April 2021

„The KOPA ENG. crew is heading to the finish of an another building"

March 2021

„With us it's a child's play"

February 2021

„The construction of KSC13 grows like mad"

January 2021

„We also do TDI multigenerationally."

December 2020

„Our current billboard ... so that we can give you gifts not only this one, but also next year."

December 2020

„The KSC 13 project is starting."

September 2020

„On the September 2nd, we exchanged T-shirts with FUN radio."

June 2020

„And we're back to normal."

April 2020

„LINAK - STAGE 3 already in the finals."

April 2020

„Our billboard also reflects the current situation."

March 2020

„Even in this difficult situation, we do our job simply."

February 2020

„Our current billboard for the year 2020."

January 2020

September 2019

„Our current billboard."

August 2019

„... and we will celebrate it in September!"

July 2019

„Summer in KOPA ENG.“

April 2019

„Our current idea.“

March 2019

„Our current billboard."

January 2019

„Celebrating 20 years in business."

December 2018

„With us there will be sunshine even in the winter."

December 2018

„National football stadium in the final with the participation of KOPA ENG."

November 2018

„LINAK 2 officially opened."

October 2018

„Our current billboard on the subject - with us you are dry."

September 2018

„Our current motto"

July 2018


June 2018


May 2018

„LINAK 2 – asphalting"

April 2018

„Tennis outside starts."

April 2018

„LINAK 2 – as of 4.4.2018"

March 2018

„LINAK 2 – as of 26.03.2018"

February 2018

„LINAK 2 – visualization 2017 and reality as of 20.02.2018."

February 2018

„LINAK 2 – as of 15.02.2018"

January 2018

„LINAK - 2nd phase, first column, as of 18.01.2018"

December 2017

„HONEYWELL - 3rd phase, as of 20.12.2017, building approved and given to the investor for legal use."

December 2017

„LINAK – 2.phase – status to 20.12.2017"

November 2017

„HONEYWELL 3rd phase - as of 15.11.2017"

October 2017

„Construction LINAK Complex - 2nd phase started"

August 2017

„HONEYWELL 3.stage – status to 31.8.2017"

July 2017

„Harley-Davidson & HONEYWELL, both from USA, now in Prešov"

July 2017

„HONEYWELL 2017 – 3.stage"

June 2017

„Mirka with the new Mazda"

April 2017

„Technical supervise on site"

April 2017

„Our current billboard"

December 2016

„LEYARD EUROPE – building sheathed“

November 2016

„KOPA ENG. supports the Slovak music scene.“

September 2016

„KOPA ENG. in Paradise (Slovak)“

August 2016

„LEYARD EUROPE – Actual State“

June 2016

„LEYARD EUROPE – Structural Work“

April 2016

„We load hoods.“

March 2016

„Building site take over – LEYARD EUROPE.“

January 2016

„Final building approval!“

December 2015

„Hall closed.“

October 2015

„We are finishing the roof, concreting the floor.“

September 2015

„The skeleton is complete, installing the roof and plastic.“

August 2015

„Skeleton - the first columns“

July 2015

„We're back on site - Drilling“

July 2015

„And we're back on the site“

June 2015

„Our current project"

May 2015

„This is how we made our current billboard“

April 2015

„Also this year we have successfully burned a drowned Morena, Spring can begin.“

April 2015

„Our current billboard ... we turned the sheet“

February 2015


December 2014

„Our current billboard"