August 2017

„HONEYWELL 3.stage – status to 31.8.2017"

July 2017

„Harley-Davidson & HONEYWELL, both from USA, now in Prešov"

July 2017

„HONEYWELL 2017 – 3.stage"

June 2017

„Mirka with the new Mazda"

April 2017

„Technical supervise on site"

April 2017

„Our current billboard"

December 2016

„LEYARD EUROPE – building sheathed“

November 2016

„KOPA ENG. supports the Slovak music scene.“

September 2016

„KOPA ENG. in Paradise (Slovak)“

August 2016

„LEYARD EUROPE – Actual State“

June 2016

„LEYARD EUROPE – Structural Work“

April 2016

„We load hoods.“

March 2016

„Building site take over – LEYARD EUROPE.“

January 2016

„Final building approval!“

December 2015

„Hall closed.“

October 2015

„We are finishing the roof, concreting the floor.“

September 2015

„The skeleton is complete, installing the roof and plastic.“

August 2015

„Skeleton - the first columns“

July 2015

„We're back on site - Drilling“

July 2015

„And we're back on the site“

June 2015

„Our current project"

May 2015

„This is how we made our current billboard“

April 2015

„Also this year we have successfully burned a drowned Morena, Spring can begin.“

April 2015

„Our current billboard ... we turned the sheet“

February 2015


December 2014

„Our current billboard"